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Get Help with Your Child Protection Case in Toronto from Denise Badley

Having children is a blessing, and children provide their parents with joy. The relationship between parents and children is a strong bond that endures for a lifetime. Parents raise their children with their best interests in mind to ensure that they enjoy successful futures as adults.

It is also vital that parents also provide their children with proper protection from harm or abuse. When the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) becomes involved in ensuring the proper welfare of a child, their intervention can sometimes cause friction within the family setting. When you need representation for child protection cases in Toronto, Denise Badley is ready to assist you.

Professional Representation for Child Protection Cases

Child protection proceedings can be complex in nature. Denise understands the toll these kinds of family law cases can take on children and families, and will approach your case with compassion and respect. With over 20 years of legal experience, Denise specializes in:

  • Representation for parents, grandparents, children and foster parents 
  • Representation for clients with disabilities
  • Crown Wardship trials
  • Child and Family Services Review Board (CFSRB) hearings 
  • Summary judgement motions
  • Motions for party status
  • Motions for temporary care and custody
  • Conflicts between immigration issues and child protection proceedings
  • Criminal charge conflicts and their impact on child protection
  • High conflict separations and their impact on child protection
  • Independent legal counsel for s.57.1 custody orders
  • Appeals

For more information about how Denise can assist with your child protection case in Toronto, please call her today to schedule a consultation .


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