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Need Family Law Representation in Toronto? Call Denise Badley Today

Approaching legal issues is often a complex undertaking. This is especially true when it comes to family law, where emotions run high with divorce, separation, custody and other legal proceedings . Denise Badley understands the tension surrounding family law, and is ready to assist with your case. 

Denise works to provide you with resilient legal counsel through care, understanding, devotion and personal attention. You will never be alone throughout this legal process. For over 20 years, Denise has represented family law cases in Toronto and across the GTA, providing clients with the right combination of honesty and professionalism.

Areas of Practice

Denise can assist you with the following types of family law cases:

Legal Assistance is a Phone Call Away

Schedule a consultation in person or over the phone with Denise today and get the legal representation and advice you need in a compassionate atmosphere.


Wills and Estates

Ready to prepare your will and choose an executor? Let Denise assist you.

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